CIA Ubber Alles!

I am old enough to remember the origin of America’s initial spy agency, the Office of Strategic Services(OSS) during World War II. It was composed of every type of person ranging from prostitutes to criminals to baseball players to millionaires and bankers. They worked with groups all over the world including Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam who was fighting alongside them in the battle to destroy the Japanese Army in French Indo-China. In those days, Americans worked with forces that endeavored to end colonialism and bring new ideas into nations. Thank God we now have the CIA! Just think, during the past sixty years it has failed to identify a single new world development such as the collapse of the Soviet Union or the rise of militant Islam. It is now revealed the CIA, together with those boys and gals who enjoy reading your mail, the National Security Agency, were working with the government of Colombia to end the power of rebel guerrillas who go by the name of FARC. Yep, we poured millions of dollars into the Colombian government and wouldn’t we give millions to discover how that money was actually used in “fighting guerrillas?”

During the 1980s, the CIA funded Islamic fundamentalist such as Osama bin Laden in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. In other words, the weapons of mass destruction we gave to Islamic fundamentalists were used to destroy the United States. With the CIA on your side, don’t worry, just declare war on them and you can receive gobs of money and attention.