CIA Used Norwegian Airports

A European Council report says during the time period, 2001-2005, the CIA had secret camps in Poland and Rumania where suspected terrorists were held. A Norwegian newspaper, the Stavanger Aftenblad has proof that Norwegian airports were used by the CIA. They have evidence CIA planes landed at Sola airport, and the Norwegian Defense Department admits Norway approved CIA flyovers.

Each week new evidence appears to emerge about CIA activities in Europe and the existence of black holes in which “suspects” were held. It is fascinating how democratic societies like Norway were caught up in American hysteria and got sucked into cooperating with activities that border on the criminal. As of this point in time, we have yet to obtain documentation as to how many of these “suspects” were actually convicted of any crime other than being a “suspect?”

It will be up to future historians to present a critical analysis of CIA crimes that resulted in imprisonment and torture of many innocent individuals — and, most probably, some terrorists.