Circus Back In Town

The people of Iowa are blessed with being able to attend  the circus without spending a penny since Republican candidates are performing acts of valor. Newt Gingrich offered the audience a long rambling analysis of brain science. “My whole emphasis on brain science comes in directly dealing with real problems of real people.” Of course, Barack Obama, being a Muslim, deals with the problems of aliens from outer space. That is why he is so concerned about alien immigrants. Frankly, I would not wish Newt to operate on my brain even though he is an expert on brain science.

Over in the corner is Mitt Romney proclaiming that he alone knows about world affairs and issues of unreal people. He blasted Ron Paul for possessing ideas “out of the mainstream” of Republican thinking. Ron blasted Mitt and Newt and Rick and Rick and the gal from Minnesota who want to militarily intervene in Iran to prevent that nation from getting nuclear weapons. He “can’t conceive” of any military action against Iran.

Eventually, the circus will leave town leaving people none the wiser about anything that deals with real people.