CivCas By Any Name Spells–Disaster!

The United States military refers to the killing of innocent civilians in Afghans by the term, “CivCas.”Civilian casualties is exactly what this term means, but, in actuality it means something more deadly. It signifies an inability of American and NATO forces to carry out their mission of establishing peace and a stable government in Afghanistan. General Stanley McChyrstal made clear an increasing number of civilians who were killed during the past few months creates a dangerous situation. “Because of CivCas, I think we have just about eroded our credibility here in Afghanistan. The constant repeat of CivCas is now so dangerous as to threaten the mission.” It is estimated that in 2005, there were about 2,000 militants in Afghanistan, but that figure has now risen to about 30,000. These figures indicate the more troops sent to Afghanistan the more insurgents emerge in Afghanistan. At this rate, if we send in 500,000 there will be a million insurgents.

The bottom line is no war can be “won” in Afghanistan without the emergence of a strong popular Afghan government. We can send 30,000 more troops or 50,000 more troops, but they will encounter the same problem that Afghans do not respect or trust their government. President Obama, for all his learning, still has not grasped that basic fact.