Clashing Views And Clashing Forces In Pakistan

The volatile situation on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border continues to elicit conflicting views as to what exactly it taking place in the region. United States sources insist the recent attack which led to the death of about a dozen Pakistan soldiers was due to Pakistan failure to control militants in the region. Pakistan sources insist the United States was given the location of its military unit. Pakistan security forces launched heavy attacks on militants in the Hangu district and cleared out Taliban strongholds. According to local officials, “the security forces, backed by tanks and gunship helicopters” secured many areas and drove out the Taliban.

From the Pakistan perspective their forces are attacking the Taliban, but American leaders insist nothing is being done. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates warned on Pakistan TV the United States retains the right to unilaterally launch attacks on pakistan soil if there is not sufficient effort made by Pakistan military forces to wipe out the Taliban.

There is sufficient evidence Pakistan forces are attacking the Taliban, but they undoubtedly are not being as successful as desired by the United States. Of course, Pakistan could point out the entire situation was created when George Bush diverted the US military from the task of wiping out the Taliban and sent them off chasing WMD in Iraq that never existed.