Cleric Still Out In Cold

Tune into American radio broadcasts or TV shows and you invariably will encounter some right wing religious nut who spouts hatred toward Muslims and hopes they all are killed. Listen to some fundamentalist Israel “religious leaders” and they will make certain one and all know the destiny of Israel is to get rid of the Muslim vermin and reach to the Euphrates River. Omar Bakri Mohammed is a Muslim fundamentalist spouter of hate who was just sentenced, in absentia, by a Lebanon court to life in prison. Of course, the cleric lives in Lebanon just a few miles from where the “trial” occurred and he is a bit confused as to why no one asked him to show up for his trial.” Everyone knows my address, I got on TV and army intelligence interrogates me after each TV appearance. Now, all of a sudden, Omar Bakri is a fugitive who failed to appear in court.” I guess he does have a point. How come no one asked him to appear at his own trial?

I suspect the answer to the above question is easy to explain. There is a reason Omar never received a summons to come to the trial. Lebanon is divided between rival Muslim sects, it is divided between Christian and Muslim, it is divided between Hezbollah and other groups and some place in the midst of all these divisions are men like Mohammed who no one wants to get near for fear arresting them opens a new fight. Stay out in the cold, Omar, you will not be given a court summons.

Oh, and neither will American Christian religious nuts or Jewish religious fools.