Clerics Attacked In Indonesia, Police Make Arrests

The story in itself is not particularly important. It is a story from Indonesia which describes two clergymen from a Christian church who were attacked while they were out for a walk. Jakarta police quickly swung into action, gathered evidence from bystanders and within twenty four hours had the names of suspects in the case. Back in America, former college professor Newt Gingrich was spouting nonsense there was no need to allow the construction of a mosque until Saudi Arabia allowed construction of a church in their country. Well, Newt, the nation of Indonesia allows churches to be built and will use the police to capture anyone who seeks to take away their freedom of religion.

Tell me, Newt, do you feel ashamed that a “Muslim nation” pays more attention to religious rights than a man who holds a Ph.D and supposedly is a scholar! Oh, I forgot, he is a scholar in dishoensty!