Clerics Attacking Ahmadinejad

President Ahmadinejad is fighting for his political life just days before the election of a new president in Iran. The mouth that spews anger and hatred directed it towards important clerics such as Rafsanjani, a former president, which elicited furious reactions and letters directed to the Supreme Leader Khamenei urging him to intervene and halt the ongoing verbal assault by Ahmadinejad against anyone who dares oppose him. In a recent debate, the Iranian president accused past leaders of being corrupt and even charged the wife of his opponent had used false credentials to become a college administrator. There is no doubt millions of young people, particularly women, are fed up with the authoritarian rule of Ahmadinejad and want someone who is in tune with the future of their country rather than a leader who seeks to return life to what it was in the early days of the glorious revolution which drove out the Shah.

There are three possible scenarios as a result of the presidential election. If reformer Mousavi wins, intellectuals, urban groups, and college students will be invigorated with the hope of change. If Ahmadinejad wins, he will confront a radicalized youth which is prepared to go into the streets with mass demonstrations in support of their right to individual liberty. A third scenario is the intervention of clerics to establish stability in society regardless of who is the president. Hopefully, youth can achieve their goals in the coming days for the right to enter the 21st century and share the new world along with their fellow students all over the world.