Clerics Finally Speak Out!

Among the most disturbing aspects of recent demands by people in Middle Eastern nations for basic freedom has been the silence of Muslim clerics. If a cartoon is printed a dozen clerics will be leading demonstrations against the evil doer, but when Syrian tanks and weapons gun down innocent Muslim citizens, there silence of clerics is deafening. However, there finally might be a change on the part of clerics. In a mosque in Damascus, Sheikh Sariya Al-Rifai shifted his sermon in order to denounce President Assad for murdering people.

“Beware… al of Syria will erupt if you don’t stop. I hold the leadership responsible for every drop of spilled blood.” Ironically, the onset of the holiest month for Muslims coincided with unleashing of deadly weapons upon those seeking to pray in mosques. Assad and his gangsters feared gatherings in mosques as much as individuals speaking on TV.

During the Civil Rights movement in America, hundreds of religious leaders from every faith marched alongside Martin Luther King. How about Muslim clerics from all nations going to Syria and standing besides those who are being assaulted. Make Assad murder religious leaders and witness the outcome!