Clerics Lost Face In Iran, Clerics Show Face In Saudi Arabia

Clerics in Iran increasingly are losing the support of younger Iranians and it is not surprising that Saudi Arabian clerics continue issuing edicts whose goal is simple — make those in charge of the Muslim religion display their ignorance and middle age mentality. Saudi Arabia’s only film festival has been cancelled due to an order issued by the Interior Ministry. People in Saudi Arabia for over three decades were forbidden to attend a movie theater for the simple reason theaters were no allowed to show films. For some reason, in 2006, Saudi Arabian actors, directors and producers were allowed to organize a film festival in order to demonstrate their film making talents. But, yesterday, officials who govern morality clamped down and cancelled this year’s film festival. No doubt, the guardians of purity were shocked at reports that women and men were in the dame film theater and watching the film without benefit of a veil on the screen.

Isn’t it wonderful that the United States is allied with such staunch defenders of human rights as Saudi Arabia? I guess when clerical idiots on our side exert their ignorance, it is in the name of democracy.