Clerics Struggle For Control Of Arab Spring

The Arab Spring is over, but the second act has yet to rise. In Egypt and Tunisia and Libya and in Syria, religious fanatics are determined to run rampant over the rights of moderate Muslims. Today in Tunisia where the spring first took root, Salafists are challenging women on the streets who wear western dress or charging into  television studios to prevent showing of “immodest videos.” A battle is occurring between those for whom the Arab Spring was simply the opening act of a play whose conclusion is all power to the clerics.

Recently in Tunisia, Salafists attacked prostitutes and they were met by armed pimps and even the police who did not want to allow the women to be driven from their business. But, prostitutes are a minor issue for Salafists,they want to end women in college, they want women to return home and be the servant of men.

Egypt is important because if Morsi wins, so do the Salafists and that triumph will send a crippling blow to the economy. How many tourists will show up in a land without alcohol and run by religious fanatics?