Click Communism Away Says Newt

Newt Gingrich is a man of IDEAS so when anyone tangles with this man who has a vision, the end result is Newt will walk away to the applause of Americans. He was addressing the Hispanic Leadership Network when Newt unleashed his latest brilliant idea. “So one of my goals  would be to flood the island with enough cellphones that are video camera that an act of oppression is filmed by 30 people, and they start posting them. You watch the morale of the police drop dramatically as they are no longer powerful.”

Members of the Cuban group were somewhat confused because they simply did not grasp a brilliant idea when presented to them. I do understand this brilliant idea. A group of 30 people, equipped with cell phones and cameras, wander through Havana each day observing some policeman ordering a person who dropped a piece of paper to pick it up and this will get captured on film. Or, they will observe a prostitute chatting with the police, film them, and set in process the end of the Castro government.

Just think if we only had Newt in charge during WWII, we could have taken pictures of the Gestapo and ended the war by 1943. Where were you Newt when we needed you??