Cliffs And Soldiers

The Republican party has made clear to the nation and world that its primary concern is protecting the interests of those making lots of money. OK, there is such a thing as the United States armed forces, but when it comes to defending all that we hold dear, our oppressed millionaires must be Numero Uno in our hearts. The Department of Defense informed Congress that failure to have a budget and halt reductions in spending leaves men and women of our armed forces at risk. Chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines warned, “we are on the brink of creating a hollow force.”It will be necesary to ground the air force, return ships to port and stop driving combat vehicles.

Wait a second. Where did anyone get the idea our military comes before millionaires? Why can’t soldiers walk, why do they have to waste money driving cars? How dare these lazy bums take money from our millionaires on Wall Street? Next you know they will force those with wealth to ride the subway!! Save America, protect the money!