Cliffs And Valleys

Tis the season to be jolly, tis the season to be worried, tis the season to wonder  if there will be a tomorrow and, above all, tis the season when we continue having the Republican Party play a role in our lives. It is now clear that a  majority of Republican members of the US House of Representatives have only one major concern in life–protecting the interests of those with millions. It is as though Scrooge was the center  of  a Christmas story, not Tiny Tim. Some believe in the ideas of Jesus Christ who devoted his life to aiding those without, some today believe they must devote their lives to aiding those with and blame those without for being without.

The chances are likely America will tumble off the cliff and into a valley of despair. So, people will  lose their unemployment check, people will be denied access to loans or financial assistance  in this time of uncertainty, so what! The interests of millionaires  has been defended against attacks by Communists and Socialists and anarchists who seek to take away their money. After all, how can one survive if taxes rose 3%?

For some reason those engaged in this attack upon the American people insist they are CHRISTIANS. If Christ were alive today, who exactly would be his major concern? Somehow Jesus defending Donald Trump just doesn’t seem right.