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It is increasingly clear what the election of Barack Obama has meant to the American people. Republican leader, John Beohner, insists the future of this nation lies in the hands of millionaire job creators who simply will not work if they are compelled to pay high taxes. If Romney had won, the entire deficit would have been handled by higher fees paid by the middle class plus cuts in Medicare, Food Stamps, mortgage deductions and so on. Boehner cannot convince members of his party that millionaires must pay a few extra dollars in taxes. They refuse on grounds, not one extra tax on those who are wealthy. Let the poor slobs of this country pay for debts created by the Republican party.


1. Taxes are currently at the lowest level in 70 years so where are the jobs?

2. The proposed top level of 39% is lower than taxes from 1941-1992.

The Republican party is the party with constant sorrow for the plight of millionaires.