Climate Change Myth

Among the joys of being born and raised in the United States of America is having to endure the rants and raves of at least one third of the population whose concept of the origin of the Earth is scarcely different from a child of five. So, let me tell the story:

Once upon a time, about ten thousand years ago, God on one of his trips around the universe, halted at the planet Earth and created life. So, that is the origin of the dinosaur and saber tooth tigers and all those billions and billions of life forms who have dwelt on this planet. Anyway, the dinosaurs became extinct and all those other creatures of the past. The Flintstones used to ride on those animals and they had gobs of fun. Somewhere in the course of the ten thousand years, we had periods of cold, continents split apart, humans arrived about ten thousand years, just after the Earth was created and then Jesus appeared, and so on and so on. Everything just happened real quick.

A group of Democratic US senators intend to address issues about climate change and challenge Republicans to actually engage in a discussion as to whether or not we humans are partially responsible for the dramatic changes in life upon this planet. Each year a few million life forms just disappear. After all, 56% of House Republicans believe humans have nothing to do with climate change and 65% of those in the Senate have that view point.

Time for kindergarten class for all who are Republican