Clinging To Power

Laurent Gbagbo, president of the Ivory Coast, is an intelligent man, he has been a college professor who studied history and during the past ten years led his nation as its president. He lost an election to a man named Qattara and the honesty of this ballot was verified by UN observers. One would think Gbagbo would now pick up his money, and head for retirement in sun city, but Laurent simply will not surrender power to the man who defeated him in the election. During the past three months civil war has erupted in the nation as Gbagbo uses money in banks to pay men to fight for him. Of course, money is finite and he has run out of it. Soldiers are deserting, some of his top generals have decided to cash in by joining the opposition, and each day witnesses fewer on his side.

I am fascinated how men like Gbagbo simply will not surrender power. They invent elaborate rationales which emphasize if they depart the entire country will go to ruin. Rudy Giuliani in America still insists he should be given power. One could argue he expresses such sentiments in order to cash in on the cash cow of public speaking. Rudy just wants the limelight and the money that goes with it. Laruent, ye have tarried too late, depart and head for sun city with all your money!