Clinton And McCain Win In New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton began to show a human face and it helped transform an apparent loss into a victory for the candidate of experience. In the Republican primary, Senator John McCain pulled ahead of the ever changing challenge of Mitt Romney. It appears Clinton pulled strongly from those over 50 while Obama’s young voters did not turn out in large enough numbers. The race is far from over and there are too many uncertainties in the rocky road to the presidency.

Clinton noted in her victory speech that she began to listen to the voters, and “in the process I found my own voice.” But, it will take more than listening, it will also require a rethinking of her platform and what she believes is needed in America. McCain banked his campaign on support for the surge in Iraq. Now, that violence has declined, the American voter appears even more determined to place economic issues on the front page of their desires. McCain simply doesn’t have an economic platform that will resonate with the American people.