Clinton Campaign-Daggers and Disarray!

After continually observing voters switch to the dynamic message of hope espoused by Barack Obama, Senator Clinton has decided to go on the attack with a vicious array of negative ads. The ensuing battle is impacting not merely her conflict with Barack Obama, but her own staff. This week, Mark Penn and Mandy Grunwald, two old Clinton aides, clashed over the wording and intent of ads. Mr. Penn, who created embarrassment when it was revealed his PR firm collects hundreds of thousands of dollars from a nuclear company that Clinton linked with Obama, attacked Mandy Grunwald. Ms. Grunwalkd replied, “Oh, it’s always the ad, never the message.”

Hillary Clinton has surrounded herself with a small coterie of admiring sycophants in the same manner as has George Bush. They believe in a top down media driven approach to politics in which ads and money supposedly win contests. She never bothered to create a solid base among young people or those who had visions of a better America, instead it was the same old crowd saying the same old things about nasty Bush. Senator Clinton never realized America wanted something more than talk about the evils of Bush, they wanted a vision for the future.

If Clinton’s negative ad approach gains her some victories, she will alienate large sectors of her Democratic base and they will not be enthusiastic about campaigning for her in the fall. Senator Clinton greatest weakness is failing to connect with Americans and their fears and hopes for a better nation.