Clinton Does Well With Jewish Vote In Primaries

The Democratic primary vote reveals a strong turnout on the part of American Jews whose voting, overall, appears to have given Hillary Clinton an advantage over Barack Obama. According to exit polls, Clinton won big among Jews in New York and New Jersey garnering 65% in her home state and 635 in the neighboring New Jersey. Clinton was obtaining a majority of Jews in California with about 48% to 44% for Obama. Massachusetts revealed a surprising Obama victory for the Jewish vote where he obtained 52% despite losing the state and he did exceptionally well in Connecticut with 61% of the Jewish vote.

Jewish turnout was disprportionarely high. Jews made up 16% of the Democratic electorate in New York, 10% in Connecticut, 9% in New Jersey, 6% in Massachuetts, and 5% in California. This high percent of Jews voting for Hillary Clinton may well have been a major factor in her strong showing in New York and New Jersey. It probably aided Obama in Connecticut.

There may have been a tendency among American Jews to back Clinton whom they view as stronger on military action in the Middle East. For American Jews who place Israel as a factor in their voting, apparently that group went stronger for Hillary Clinton.