Clinton Train Chugs Along And Won’t Stop!

The Hillary Clinton train, like the proverbial little train in the children’s story, simply will not cease moving in her relentless desire to become the party’s nominee for president. She won a smashing victory in Kentucky while Obama readily gained a victory in Oregon resulting in his possession of at least a majority of delegates who have been elected in primary contests. Exit polls revealed a significant number of Clinton voters openly expressed their desire to vote for a white person and indicated they would not vote for a black candidate. This marks a hardening of belief by those who support Hillary Clinton and who will not vote for any other Democratic candidate.

There is little question Hillary Clinton by prolonging the primary season has either deliberately or inadvertently made racism an important factor in the presidential race. She has engendered among many female supporters a belief that somehow the contest is one in which males are trying to prevent women from gaining high public office. For some reason, logical minded women now insist voting for Senator John McCain is a blow for women’s rights even though he opposes abortion and has never done anything to further the cause of women.

The Clinton train will not reach its destination but may run smack into the opposing Obama train which would result in a train wreck that will destroy attempts for America to take a new destination that is free of war and in which human rights prevail. Ironically, the woman who is supposedly leading the fight for female gender equity might well seriously damage this cause by allowing John McCain to gain victory and then appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court who will end a woman’s right to abortion or to equity in pay and jobs.