Clinton Urges Support Iran Negotiations

The history of American foreign policy has numerous examples of members of Congress deciding to become the Secretary of State because they wanted to pose as “defenders of America” and charge members of the Executive of being appeasers against tyranny. During the 1950s, the infamous Senator Joseph McCarthy even attempted to negotiate with Greek ship owners to prevent them from trading with Çommunist China. Hillary Clinton sent a message to her former Senate colleagues to allow Secretary of State John Kerry to continue his efforts working with members of the international community to end Iran’s program of nuclear development. A majority of the US Senate wants to strengthen Iran sanctions while the international community is negotiating a step-by-step program that makes Iran back away from nuclear weapons in exchange for reducing economic sanctions. Clinton told Senators their idea “would rob us of the international high ground” we have reached, and “weaken the pressure on Iran by opening the door for other countries to chart a different course.”

It is time for American Senators to cease doing the bidding of the Israel lobby which promises financial support and votes, and to support a course of action that not only benefits American foreign policy, but in the end will ensure the safety of Israel as a nation.