Clinton Wins Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island

Senator Hillary Clinton won impressive victories in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island. The New York senator pulled out all the stops and used every trick and tactic in her repetoire in order to overwhelm Barack Obama. Her ads increasingly become more strident and negative in her last minute quest to gain the nomination. Barack Obama stumbled by inept responses to charges against an aide who supposedly contacted the Canadian government about Obama’s views on free trade. Latest figures indicate Clinton swept the Hispanic vote, rural white voters, and had an overwhelming majority of senior citizens.

The ironic aspect of the NAFTA free trade debate is that it was created during the administration of President Bill Clinton and Hillary claims she was in on so many of these decisions. Perhaps, she can explain why she is now the anti-NAFTA, anti-free trade candidate when her husband was the one who pushed the free trade concept?

But, the more important question for the Democratic party and the nation is whether the two candidates in pursuit of victory will ensure victory for John McCain. Can they agee to lower the rhetoric of invective against one another and focus on issues facing the nation? Can they always be cognizant the defeat of John McCain is the issue, not which of them obtains the nomination.