Close It Down, Says Obama!!

There are reports among the first actions of the Obama administration will be an order from the president which closes down the infamous Guantanamo prison in Cuba. The approximately 250 detainees will be sent to other prisons but it is still not clear where they will wind up. The Obama camp does not believe actually closing down the entire prison can be accomplished within a 100 day period, but there is not doubt the Bush legacy of torture and abuse of humans is finally over.

Closing down Guantanamo is step one, but there is also need for an impartial investigation as to whether high officials in the American government deliberately violated the law by authorizing the torture of prisoners. Every one who enters the armed forces is given a lecture about the importance of respecting the Geneva Convention about treatment of prisoners. If Bush and his subordinates violated the Geneva Convention, then he must be punished even if it nothing more than a public rebuke for his actions. Only then, can the reputation of the United States be restored to its dignity.