Close It Down

Another year,or should I say, another month,and once again the American people confront a major governmental crisis arising from members of the Tea Party. It appears almost certain the country can not get through this week without a governmental shut down. In the past,our society confronted political problems caused by the ignorance of our leaders. Today, Senator Ted Cruz, graduate of Harvard,leads the army of ignorance. The Tea Party is an interesting group which argues that if your party loses the election then it has the right to halt laws passed by the party that won the election. In effect, we now face a new phenomenon,the Losers Bill of Rights.

1. If you lose the election it means your political ideas should prevail.

2. Losers are now regarded as winners.

3. Winners are now regarded as losers.

4. Mitt Romney should be the president because he lost the election.

5. Laws passed by Congress do not go into effect.

6. God wants Congress to declare bankruptcy.

Above all,if you have a child, do NOT send them to Harvard. The child might emerge with ideas similar to those of Ted Cruz!