Closing Of The American Mind

American society contains millions of people who devote hours of their lives sharing important information concerning what they ate today, the clothes they wore, or a picture of their child doing something–anything. This center of trivia is known by the name of -FACEBOOK.  It is a communication process by which Americans can exchange absolutely the most unimportant information under the illusion they are “sharing” with others.
Face Book eliminates body language, it ends the necessity to actually respond to another when they make a good point, and it ends intellectual exchange of ideas and information. Perhaps, the current crop of individuals who sought the Republican nomination are living proof that something negative has happened to the American mind. In olden days, a bunch of Irish politicians, none of whom got through high school, offered as candidates for president–Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Instead, we now have Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Mitt and Newt and Rick and Rick and Michele.

The current Congress of the United States and the current crop of presidential candidates are living proof there is no such thing as –evolution. Frankly, any ape in the jungle could do a more intelligent job of guiding America than Mitt. And, frankly, Face Book has played a role in the closing of the American mind to intelligent dialogue.