Clueless in Gaza

Khaled Amayrch, writing from the West Bank for al-Ahram argues, “it is imperative that Fatah and Hamas reach an accord sooner or later to prevent further infighting.” Israel missiles have been blasting the homes of Hamas leaders resulting in the death of six members of the family of Khalil Al-Hayya, a Palestinian lawmaker who represent Hamas.

The Qassam missiles launched by Hamas are notoriously inaccurate and, although they make a lot of noise, are regarded by most Palestinians as a psychological weapon that creates anxiety among the people of Israel. The Qassam attack has proved to be enormously successful since it has resulted in a formidable response by Israel, which only serves the purpose of forcing Hamas and Fatah to unite. Bombs, whether or not they actually kill, create enormous anxiety among people and foster a climate of fear. Amayrch is correct in pointing out that Israel attacks have created enormous anxiety and fear within the Palestinian population. He, together with other Palestinians, believe there are other reasons for this latest Israel attack:

“There is no doubt that the fundamental motivation behind the latest Israeli incursion into Gaza has far more to do with the Israeli government’s desire to compensate for the shortcomings of the Lebanon war and to implement the Winograd Committee’s recommendations.” The Winograd Report blasted the incompetence of Olmert and the Israeli military. He also notes rumors are circulating among people in Gaza that Fatah and the American government encouraged the Israeli attack to aid Fatah in its fight against Hamas.

Does anyone in the US State Department know anything about the Middle East? There is no doubt Israel never would have launched their attacks without support from the Bush administration. The mere circulation of rumors that Fatah is in cahoots with Israel could destroy the only force in Palestine with which we have any hope of reaching an agreement for peace. Stop the Israel bombing and get to the negotiation table. I realize a critic can argue it is easy for me to write such words when Israel’s citizens are being subjected to Qassam bombs. Yes, it is not easy to hold back when attacked, but right now we need a strong Fatah government if there is to be any hope for peace.
Information from Al-Ahram