Colin Powell Has Doubts About Afghanistan

Barack Obama was raised as a nice middle class boy who never for a moment considered a career in the armed forces of his nation. There is nothing wrong with such an attitude, but it also means he never had an opportunity to gain inside information concerning the process of the military bureaucracy. Former Chief of Staff and Secretary of State, Colin Powell expressed misgivings about the current war in Afghanistan. He told the media that although generals claim progress as they move into enemy territory, it’s hard to tell if the Taliban is really being defeated or merely moving from one place to another. He identified a potential problem since generals always want more troops and more time while Barack Obama wants “victory” — or whatever is close to it–to arrive as soon as possible.

The basic problem is fighting a war in which no one knows what is “victory,” when will it come? and who will be left to pick up the pieces of government when that glorious day dawns. The only certainty is that President Obama will not have any idea about where we are a year from now, not if he depends on “military knowledge.”