I continue reading comments from conservative Republicans concerning the growth of collectivism in this nation. Following are examples:

1. Democrats want to build railroads which compel people to share the ride with others.

2. A healthcare law was passed for those who lack it. We all pay for it.

3. Unions actually want to bargain for fellow workers.

4. Planned Parenthood provides free information about marriage and children. Why can’t they figure it out themselves?

5. There are programs to help reduce obesity. I have a constitutional right to be fat, you fat head!

6. Police paid by THE GOVERNMENT enforce the law rather than a group of vigilantes.

7. Publicly paid firemen deal with fires rather than volunteer groups. I have not had a fire in my home and yet I have to pay for those who do!

8. There are free public schools run by THE GOVERNMENT!

9. Students are forced to sit in class with other students rather than having a tutor or being home schooled!

10. Wealthy people are forced to pay higher taxes–I thought all Americans were equal!