Republicans complain Barack Obama is a Socialist who has brought Collectivism to America. Following are some examples:

1. He wants more trains which are places that force people to sit close to other people.

2. He wants Health care programs which means some people won’t die as they should and this means there are more people in cities and towns.

3. Michelle Obama wants to reduce obesity. She wants everyone to LOOK ALIKE!

4. Barack Obama wants schools to work on keeping kids in school. This is just another SOCIALIST idea to make schools more crowded.

5. The president wants police to enforce the law which means taking away our rights to enforce the law. We made the laws, we have the right to decide who is innocent or guilty!

6. Obama wants higher taxes for the wealthy. I thought this nation was founded on principles that all are equal.

7. Obama supports the idea that GOVERNMENT deals with fires rather than we citizens!

8. Obama wants the GOVERNMENT to decide who lives or dies!

9. In the Obama version of government, the House of Representatives has to get an OK from the Senate to make a law! I thought we the people made laws!

10. Obama wants the GOVERNMENT to feed people who are hungry. This is just another example of BIG BROTHER deciding who should live!

  • Rosabel

    What you are discribing is collectivism. This term came about after WW1 ended. Now is being called The New World order. It is not only supported both political parties but many other contries around the world.Country leaders, communication conglomerates and multinationals get together to decide the worlds agendas including wars. Ex; G20, trilateral comission, bilderberg club and counsel of foreing affairs, to mane a few.    

  • Fred Stopsky

    Actually, Collectivism was used during the 1930s to describe Collective Farms which were established under the reign of dictator Joseph Stalin. It has nothing to do with groups you mention.