College Costs And Reality

There is  dynamic at play in modern societies which drives costs down for products and also increases quality of the item. Competition ensures the consumer will receive high quality  products while benefiting from reduction in cost. However, there is one product which functions the exact opposite–colleges. Each year witnesses higher costs and there is no evidence of any change in the quality of what is taught. Not-for-profit colleges are either engaged in mass production such as the University of Phoenix or prestigious institutions which build and build and increase administrators.

The end result is creation of a two tier higher education system. Those with money are guaranteed places in desired colleges–just fork over the money. Those without money either opt for cheaper colleges or go heavily into debt only to discover high paying jobs are not that available to those who do not know the “right people.”

Let’s face reality. In the vast majority of colleges the “average grade” is an “A.” Less than one percent fail and the passing game goes on and on. Unfortunately, colleges are not educating youth for the 21st century. And, for those with contacts, going to college is simply a game of show-and-tell.