College Frat Boys Of Fun

As a freshman at college many,  many years ago the very thought of joining a fraternity made me sick to the stomach. I observed these young men attempting to display humor when their childishness made me wonder how supposedly intelligent young men could make a stab at being satirical. The University of California at Irvine is blessed with the presence of the Lambda Fraternity whose members work hard to convey the idea of being children of idiocy. Four young men put on black face and pretended to be singers in order to display their contempt for African Americans. The boys were of Asian background so they are familiar with prejudice and being the object of hatred.

They told the world this display of old fashioned bigotry did not have racism intended. Just “all fun and laughter.” Did any of these idiots know that Asians not he west coast were lynched in the good old days of  fun and laughter?How about a lynching party next year-all fun and laughter??