College Fraternities In Action

I never had any interest during my college career to become a member of any social group such as a Fraternity. I was busy with school work and working to pay expenses. I admit to never attending a beer fest, never being present with drunk females so I could grope and deny the womanhood of those who happen to be females. A Georgia fraternity is under investigation for emails sent to its members. Frat members were to “grab them on the hips with 2 hands and then let them grind against your dick.” They were urged to grope women and to get them drunk in order to play around with their bodies.

I assume these young men are individuals who are gentlemen and Christians. “You can make out with them, you can stick your hand up her shirt, you can go for a butt grab or use your imagination.” Georgia Tech officals claim its Office of Student Integrity is looking into the situation. If I was a female member of this group–protect your butt!