College Professor Burns Bible And Quaran

It was simply a matter of time before someone got the idea to burn a few other things besides the Koran. An Australian college professor, finally had enough and lost his temper. He offered a video on Youtube which shows him burning a Bible and a Koran. I assume Mr. Alex Stewart is an equal opportunity burner and wiling to take on any and all religions. If he perchance studies the Aztecs it will undoubtedly result in taking a woman or man atop a hill, chanting some expressions and then cutting out their heart in order to appease the Gods on high. After the act was completed, Professor Stewart finally realized what he had done. “I’m screwed. I think I will lose my job over this. Damn it.”

Unfortunately, the idiots who want to burn the Koran or prevent Muslims from building a house of worship lack the intelligence and self reflection to say, “I’m screwed” because I am one screw ball.