College Wars Rage In UK

I am a child of the Depression when one fourth of Americans lacked jobs and millions spent nearly ten years of their lives desperately seeking any form of work. The economic devastation was much greater during the Depression, but for some strange reason there were four free colleges in New York City and just about every major city had at least one. I paid my $25 a year and received free education at City College of New York. Those who did not have the required “B” average, had access to a night program that was also free to students.

This year in the United Kingdom, 688,310 students applied for a college position, but only 479,057 were accepted due to lack of money to hire faculty or provide classrooms for students. In other words, 209,000 young men and women who want to attend college were denied that opportunity. And, the situation will grow worse in coming years when tuition doubles in 2012. This is criminal. Please explain why society during the Depression found the money to provide free education-day or night– to students desiring to learn?

A solution is clear. Dramatically increase taxation on those who make millions so that millions may receive a free college education.