Colonel Strangelove Ready To Blow Them Up!

Lt.Colonel Matthew Dooley, for some strange reason, is an instructor on the Middle East who teaches at the Joint Forces Staff College. The colonel does not like Muslims, he does not like those who follow the teachings of Muhammad and he is willing to make clear to one and all the only solution in dealing with these “Muslim terrorists” is to blow them all up. “They(Muslims) have everything you believe for and will never coexist with you unless you submit.”

The colonel does not distinguish between “Muslims” and “terrorists.” In his view, Muslim=Terrorist. Islam has declared war on the United States of America and to fight them it requires “taking war to a civilian population whoever necessary” since we are engaged in a “direct philosophical and ideological confrontation with Islam.”For some unknown reason top officers asked this illiterate to teach a course to officers on how to deal with terrorism.

Oh, they finally have fired the colonel.