Colonial Heritage–Hate Gays!

There are many legacies from Europeans who colonized the continent of Africa and among the most horrid is educating people to hate gays and lesbians. Missionaries who came to Africa hated any aspect of homosexual behavior and made certain to teach people to hate–all in the name of love for Christ. Nigeria just passed an ant-gay bill which bans same sex marriage and makes a crime out of any gay or lesbian relationship. However, the law also makes it a crime to assist those who are into gay relationships.

According to Amnesty International, “it would place a wide range of people at risk of criminal sanctions,” including human rights activists. It would also criminalize family members who assisted an individual who was involved in a gay relationship. Of course, Nigeria is only one of several African nations which make it a crime to be a homosexual. President Robert Mugabe terms  such behavior, “satanic.”

It is ironic that people such as Mugabe term behavior of gays to be “satanic” when his behavior of torture, beatings and murder surely fit into the definition of “satanic.”