Come Back Anna, Come Back!

Anna Chapman is a gorgeous red haired woman who can bring smiles even to the lips of old farts like me, she is one of those women who simply have a way of making the male heart beat faster. OK, so she is a spy, big deal. She is a damned attractive spy and America should consider trading a couple of pot bellied guys named Ivan or Igor for the flame of her heart. She is currently upset because the United Kingdom has revoked her citizenship for spying and will not let her return to the bright lights of London. No one denies she is a spy, but what exactly did she steal? From what we gather the only thing she actually spied about was talking to some guys at a social event and then reporting to Moscow the essence of the conversation. To be honest, she did steal important secrets. From what we can ascertain, Ms. Chapman stole blueberry and apple pie recipes of the best cooks on her block. She is the notorious recipe thief, known far and wide for her exploits in bringing to America, how to make great borscht soup.

Let her back. Allow us to gaze at her wonderful body. Heck, I am willing to throw in my recipe for a wonderful fruit salad. Of course, we could always offer the greatest spy for terrorism and Islamist militants–Glenn Beck. They get a bull-shit artist and we get a great red headed spy. Sounds fair to me.