Come Back Little Children Of MIne

No one can accuse Muammar Gaddafi of being a tyrant anymore. The kind and gentle leader of Libya announced he was willing to forgive and forget. He offered rebels in the besieged city of Misrata an offer he hoped they could not refuse. The man with a big heart said that if “all armed groups in Misrata lay down their weapons,” he would give each and every one of them “an amnesty.” Now, how could anyone turn down such an offer? Oh, so NATO planes are bombing his compound and NATO ships will not allow him to lay mines off the coast of his nation, but Muammar only does such actions because he loves the people of Libya and wants them to be rid of Western evil forces. Who among us doubts if rebels lay down their weapons they will not be given a kiss and a handshake and a nice trip to a pleasant place which has cots and bunks on which to sleep?

Muammar Gadaffi wants peace. He wants a piece of every company in LIbya, he wants a piece of every oil well, he wants a piece of any money and when he gets all the pieces, one and all are assured of permanent peace.