Come Back To Buner Urge Pakistan Leaders

The situation in Pakistan appears brighter than it was a few weeks ago, but it is still unclear if the Pakistan army is as successful in the Swat Valley and Buner as it claims in recent announcements. Buner, which fell to the Taliban is the subject of a strong Pakistan army offense that supposedly is clearing the area of the Taliban and forcing them to flee. There are even unconfirmed reports some Taliban soldiers are forcing barbers to shave their beards so they can hide within the population. Pakistan officers admit there are still hundreds of Taliban soldiers holed up in the mountains and fighting to defend their positions.

However, Pakistan soldiers are now fighting the Taliban instead of remaining in peaceful slumber on the border with India ready for a war that will not come. Curfew has been lifted in areas of the Swat Valley and a trickle of people are returning to their homes, many of which have been wiped out in the fighting.

Question: is the Pakistan offense going to indicate a commitment to keep the Taliban out of these areas or will soldiers leave only to witness the return of the Taliban?