Come In, Says Iran

There is only one nation in the Middle East in possession of an atomic bomb and it’s name is not Iran. Israel has an atomic bomb, Israel refuses to allow UN inspectors into their facilities, Israel refuses to adhere to any international treaties pertaining to use of atomic weapons, and Israel is adamant that Iran must allow UN inspectors into their nuclear facilities. The government of Iran has agreed to allow inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) to enter long-unseen nuclear sites -the key Gchine uranimum mine and a heavy-water reactor in Arak.

Talks have broken down between Iran and the six world powers. France wants the Arak reactor to completely shut down. The IAEA insists:”it is forseen that Iran’s cooperation will include providing the IAEA with timely information about its nuclear facilities.” I wonder if a similar request should be made to Israel?