Come On In To America-Maybe

Every so often one comes across another example of how our government protects us against terrorists and those who simply do not agree with the American way of life. It turns out there is a law which establishes criteria for being able to enter America as an immigrant. There is such a thing as the “terrorism inadmissibility grounds” that apparently explains why someone could be denied entry in order to protect us against those terrible terrorists.For example:

1. In my job as a waiter, I served a table filled with known terrorists.

2. I worked in a gun shop and sold a gun to a known terrorist.

3. I was at a party where a known terrorist was also attending with his wife.

4. I baby sat at age 12 for a known terrorist family.

5. I was on the same street when I walked past two well known terrorists and did nothing to prevent their actions later that day!

Great news. There no longer will be automatic barring of an individual who provided “limited material support to terrorists.”