Come To America To Escape War, And..

Thousands of people each year flee this or that Middle Eastern or Asian nation and head for Europe or the United States in order to ensure some peace and quiet for their families. The USA is not a leading country these days for seeking peace in the world, but,when all is said and done it is much safer than most parts of the world. Among those who inhabit lands that have not known much peace over the past few decades those from Chechnya are certainly the most scared by hate. The Tsarnaev brothers came to America ten years ago and enjoyed a nice teen life for about ten years. Eventually, they encountered Muslim clerics who preached the language of hate. Ibragin Todashev, a fellow Chechnya immigrant also found a bit of peace in America.

Somewhere along the line of their lives, these three Chechnyans decided that America was a  flawed nation and its corruption was ruining the world. We know all about the Tsarnaev boys and their bombing in Boston. Ibragin was halted by police a few days ago, questioned in the street-for some strange reason– and suddenly he exploded with hate, lunched at a policeman and was shot to death.

His dad back in Chechnya now claims his son was tortured and then killed by the police just as many in dear old Chechnya believe the Tsarnaev boys were trapped by the FBI and blamed for a crime that never happened. We Americans are guilty of many crimes, the Boston Massacre is not one of them.