Come To Christ–Well Armed!

There are those who decry the drift away from organized religion and consider decline in church attendance to be a sign that too many have become secular in their thinking. However, there are several churches in the state of Kentucky which have discovered a way to bring young people back to God and Jesus Christ. For example, the Lone Oak Baptist Church now gives away guns if you attend one of their social church events. In other words, show up, say you are a Christian and please select one of our guns that are NOT for sale, they are for our fellow Christians! Another church discovered that offing guns meant more people in church. As one minister put it: “I can almost tell you the number of men that will show up based on the make and model of guns we give away. On those special church celebration days he now has 600 come where he used to only get 300.

The NRA Sermon On The Mount

Blessed are the war makers since theirs is the foundation of our faith.

Blessed are the rich in money since theirs is the work of Jesus.

Blessed are those who deny food to the lazy and shiftless since those are the true followers of God.

Blessed are those who teach children the road to Heaven is laden with dead bodies of criminals.

Blessed is the NRA for they are the followers of Jesus who maintain within their hearts the anger of hate and violence!