Comedians Run Iraq Government

Death is a daily visitor in the land of Iraq. Since January 1, 2013 about 2,800 people have died as a result of bombings and thousands more have been wounded. The past few days witnessed another round of bombings in Baghdad as well as smaller towns  in the country. Some blame al-Qaeda, some blame Sunni militant groups, some blame Shiite terror squads and some blame anyone who wants to kill someone. As one Iraqi noted after witnessing a bombing in his village: “this is a cartoon government, and its security forces cannot protect themselves let alone protect the people.”

The initial  mistake of the Bush invasion was failing to create a government that included representatives from all factions and religions. Had such a group been the government for five years prior to US departure there was a chance it might have been able to forget an alliance. Instead the Maliki government created new militant terrorist groups.