Coming Is Better Than Going!

The 3rd Stryker Brigade is headed once again on a deployment to wars far away. This will be their fourth deployment in the past ten years, but the first to that nice land of Afghanistan. As far as their families are concerned, it is one thing for them to go, but the more important question is when are they coming home. There are 1.5 million in our armed forces and the remaining 305,000,000 frankly are not impacted by who is going or who is coming or who cares about something called a war in Afghanistan.

The current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are not in the minds of 99% of the American people unless someone plays the Star Spangled Banner and we all rise to remember for a split second Americans are dying somewhere in the world. Men and women come and go, the remainder of men and women go and come to parties and work and families without a worry in the world about dying.

Such is life in America, 2011.