Coming Islamic Hair Style Invasion Of Canada And USA

The deviousness of Islamic militants can never be fully imagined. It appears Iran is preparing a first strike designed to cripple the United States and Canada by creating a secret hair styling institution in Tehran whose goal is to attack the Western world by altering their hair style. After all, during the 1960s long hair was used by radicals and hippies to challenge the establishment, why not Islamic hair styles to make a mockery of Western life? The Advertising and Marketing Association of Canada has been set up in Tehran, no doubt by the Revolutionary Guards, in order to create an “Islamic hair style” which will shortly be marketed in Canada. This secret agency is headed by a Dr. Nemat who claims to have his degree from York University, but there is no record of him attending that institution. Why is he claiming to have a doctorate? Why was this organization set up in Tehran? What is the purpose of an “Islamic hair style?”

First, they overwhelmed Canada with Islamic hair styles. Then, they overwhelmed the United States, and then, THE WORLD!!