Following are stories that will appear in the media during the coming weeks as Republicans gear up for another round of their campaign of hate.

Expect to see a version of the Lou Dobbs show entitled: “I’m Just Asking Questions.” In this segment, Lou Dobbs, the independent fair minded newscaster whose only concern is getting to the truth will present an interview with Phil Schmuckputz who was at the scene when Joe Biden’s wife died in an automobile crash. Lou Dobbs will inform the public, “I’m Just Asking Questions but according to Phil there was a man at the scene of the crash and Joe Biden is a man, and this man was about the same height and weight as Joe Biden. I’m just asking questions but is that another one of Democratic coincidences? Not, that I’m saying Joe Biden is responsible for the death of his wife, but I’m just asking questions– does he have any documents to prove he did not kill his wife?”

The Republican Party will be introducing a resolution in Congress in the coming weeks proclaiming: “The Republican Party stands firmly on the belief the Earth is round because God designed it that way. Anyone opposing this proclamation will be considered to be in the pay of the Devil.