Following are comments that are thought but never spoken.

JOE WILSON: What if I had said, “MF, You Lied!” It would have been worth another $5 million.

GENERAL MCCHRYSTAL: I want more soldiers in Afghanistan, but to tell you the truth I have no idea how many “more” will do anything.

SILVIO BERLUSCONI: I have plenty of white women, but that tall tan one in the White House, she intrigues me.

MCKENZIE PHILLIPS: I got an hour on Oprah for incest with dad, I wonder what I get for incest with mom.

JOE BIDEN: I may be full of hot air, but my political guts say troops in Afghanistan will not sell in Peoria.

JOBLESS PERSON: I’m glad Mr. Bernanke says the recession is over. It may be for Wall Street but it sure ain’t for Main Street.

SARAH PALIN: I gave a speech someplace in what they call Asia. I guess that is the southern part of Russia.

SENATOR GRASSLEY: I want a compromise on health care that incorporates all of my ideas.

JOHN MCCAIN: On reflection, maybe it was wise to lose and not have to deal with recessions, healthcare, Afghanistan,…

KIM JONG IL If I agree to nuclear disarmament, do I get a trip to Disneyland?