We offer a selection of comments that will never appear in any press.

Nancy Pelosi: “I thought they were referring to the tortured logic of George Bush about the WMD.”

Tom Hanks: “For twenty million I’d spend time in Hades with the Devil.”

Ron Paul: “On reflection, maybe you can’t trust businessmen to run the country and you just might have to rely a bit on government.”

Pope Benedict: “From now on, I never travel more than a mile from the Vatican. It’s dangerous out there.”

Obama Supporter: ” I love the guy. It’s his policies I don’t like.”

PM Gordon Brown: “From now on, it’s eating at McDonalds and sleeping at the Y.”

Anti Abortion Person: “Once the baby is born, the kid is on his/her own. I got it born, that’s what counts, if it dies, it is all the fault of the government.”

Pro Abortion Person: “It’s not life until I say it is.”

PM Putin: ” I respect the right of dissidents to agree with me.”

Hedge Fund Manager: ” I defend my right to never hedge on making a million a day.”